Alice Sievers (she/her/hers)

Alice M. Sievers, DVM
Diplomate, American Veterinary Dental College®

Board Certified Veterinary Dentist™

Alice Sievers is a Diplomate of the American Veterinary Dental College® and Board Certified Veterinary Dentist™.  She is an experienced and conscientious practitioner. She has worked in mixed and small animal practice, emergency medicine, and referral practice.  She was an owner of a general veterinary practice for sixteen years; she particularly enjoyed getting to know her clients and caring for their furry family members as if they were her own.  General practice was where she discovered her passion for  dentistry and oral surgery, and she was inspired to pursue advanced training to become a Diplomate of the American Veterinary Dental College®.  She is passionate about the ability of proper and complete dental care to improve the quality of life for her patients, watching their energy levels increase and hearing stories about the “reverse aging” her patients demonstrate at home after their treatments.   She has been working as a referral clinician dedicated to dentistry and oral surgery since 2012.

Dr. Sievers has presented nationally and internationally at the Veterinary Dental Forum and the British Veterinary Dental Association. She also has presented educational content to local veterinary medical associations in Oregon and California, helping general clinicians to raise the level of dental care provided in their facilities to benefit both their patients and the health of the clinic. Additionally, she is a visiting clinical instructor at Oregon State University Carlson College of Veterinary Medicine. She works with fourth year veterinary students in the dentistry elective course. She has been invited to return and teach veterinary students for several years. She enjoys working with the students, providing introductory and basic knowledge to support their ability to provide care for their patients once they are practicing veterinarians. Fourth-year veterinary students are required to write a final paper and provide a presentation of the data or information as part of their requirements to complete their doctoral degree; Dr. Sievers has supported and mentored students presenting topics related to veterinary dentistry and maxillofacial surgery.

Dr. Sievers enjoys “extra-curricular” work at regional zoos in the Pacific Northwest as a member of our team.  She enjoys the challenge of learning about species that are outside of our regular scope of practice and supporting their caregivers in providing optimum levels of health for a long, comfortable life.   Our patients utilize their mouth to interact with the world and loss of oral anatomy and oral pain can limit their levels of mental stimulation and learning processes.

Dr. Sievers has been active in the American Veterinary Dental College® and is the chair of the Training Support Committee, providing guidance to veterinarians in formal training programs working to achieve Diplomate Credentials in the AVDC®.  She also serves on other committees within the American Veterinary Dental College®, including the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Committee.

Dr. Sievers enjoys sharing what she has learned to help others improve their diagnostic and treatment skills in veterinary dentistry and oral surgery. Oral health is vital to the overall health of our patients and it is essential that we pursue the educational development of our ability to assess, diagnose and treat diseases within the oral cavity thereby improving the quality of life for her patients, your pets and loved ones.

Outside of work, Dr. Sievers enjoys spending time with her family and having what adventures she can organize, travelling to see friends and family.  She is an avid knitter, spinner, and weaver and enjoys making tasty treats in the kitchen to share.

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