Our Goal

To passionately share our knowledge, helping each continuing education participant improve their knowledge, skill, and confidence in the delivery of veterinary dentistry services in order to improve patient care, client satisfaction, and personal and professional satisfaction. To help you develop a dynamic veterinary dental team consisting of the veterinarian, veterinary technician, and medical staff so that patient care and client service can expand and grow to a more comprehensive and higher level of care.


Pet Dental Specialists believe that pets deserve a comfortable, infection free and pain free oral cavity to improve overall quality of life. Hence, Pet Dental Specialists believe every veterinarian should be knowledgeable in dental and oral pathology recognition, diagnosis of dental and oral pathology with examination and intraoral radiology, be knowledgeable of various treatment options available for the teeth and oral cavity beyond extractions, and be knowledgeable and skilled in surgical extraction of the dentition in order to achieve a pain free and infection free oral cavity if extraction is the only treatment option available so that insidious dental and oral disease does not deprive our pets of a quality life.

Continuing Education

As Veterinary Dentistry Education and Consulting Services, our team has provided local continuing education to veterinarians and their teams for many years.  We will be listing courses available here with instructions about how to sign up for courses.  All courses are limited to veterinary professionals and courses are limited to veterinarians, unless specifically described as being for veterinary technicians and assistants.

Pet Dental Specialists
Pet Dental Specialists

Resources for Veterinarians

American Veterinary Dental College

American Veterinary Dental College®

The primary objectives of AVDC® are to determine the standards required for recognition of board certified veterinary dentists and to conduct the credentials review and examination procedures necessary to identify veterinarians who have reached the specialist veterinary dentist standard and earned the status of Board Certified Veterinary Dentist™ and Board Certified Equine Veterinary Dentist™.

Pet Dental Specialists Vision

To develop the premier, privately owned specialty veterinary dentistry and oral surgery center in the Pacific Northwest offering individualized, patient centered, compassionate specialty care and service for life-long oral health in our patients. With a focus on education of clients, referring veterinarians, and internal team members in order to advance and improve oral care for all patients in the region and growth of Pet Dental Specialist team members while providing a balanced, healthy, supportive, open, and shared clinical working culture for all members of the Pet Dental Specialist team.