Pet Dental Specialists

Anesthesia Specialist Care

We work with a Diplomate of the American College of Veterinary Anesthesia and Analgesia for cases that are require an additional layer of support or level of expertise. With this additional support, we are able to provide a safe anesthetic event for most patients; many owners have been told their pet is unable to safely undergo an anesthetic procedure, but with the right anesthetist there are very few patients that are unable to be anesthetized to alleviate oral pain and infection.

If this is a service you desire, or it is determined that it is required, we can arrange for a Veterinary Anesthesia Specialist to be present for your pet’s procedure. These services are arranged for particular days and schedules, and days of the week or month may vary based on our specialists availability.

“There are no safe anesthetic agents; there are no safe anesthetic procedures; there are only safe anesthetists.” – Robert M. Smith, MD