Pet Dental Specialists


We are very pleased to be providing services at our new facility in Vancouver, Washington. We are conveniently located close to I-205 and SR14. Please stop by, or contact us by email or phone, to schedule a consultation with our team of specialists.

Requests can be sent to, keeping in mind that we cannot provide medical advice to patients we have not examined.

What to Expect

All patients of Pet Dental Specialists begin their care with a consultation.  Not to be dismissed, this critical step is where you and your pet first meet with our team and one of our Veterinary Specialists.  During this consultation, your pet will receive a thorough examination and a complete review of all available medical records and laboratory testing.  We believe an essential component of care is consideration of your pet’s entire physical condition and state of health.  Your specialist will utilize their examination findings and your pet’s medical history to create a tailored and unique diagnostic and treatment plan.  With very few exceptions, all surgical procedures and treatments are on an alternate day.  This allows us to prepare for and provide the most through care for your pet.

All therapeutic procedures require the use of general anesthesia.  While administration and use of general anesthesia is a daily occurrence in our practice, we never take it lightly or for granted.  We are committed to your pet’s safety and comfort while in our care at Pet Dental Specialists.

We utilize balanced, multi-modal anesthesia, and this starts with a consultation and review of your pet’s medical history and physical examination findings combined with the results of laboratory tests (bloodwork, urinalysis, and radiographs).  Using all of the information available to us, we create an anesthesia plan tailored specifically to your pet.  This anesthesia plan includes mediations, appropriate fluid types and rates, local-regional anesthetic blocks, comprehensive pain management plan, post-operative management.

Your pet will have a skilled, Licensed Veterinary Technician working with the doctor to enact the anesthetic plan.  They will be dedicated to your pet during the procedure and in recovery.  We work to provide continued ongoing education to our technicians to maintain the highest level of skill in our staff.  We monitor your pet’s vital cardiovascular and respiratory parameters during their visit and procedure with our team.  These parameters include: heart rate, blood pressure, oxygen saturation, end tidal CO2, respiratory rate, internal body temperature, pain level, and anesthetic depth.

Furthermore, our doctors work with a surgical assistant during surgical procedures.  This skilled assistant contributes to an overall reduction in surgical time under anesthesia for your pet.